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Also known as "disgorging" in English. This is the process that Champagne producers use to remove the lees (spent yeast cells) from the wine.


 Dem-mee Seck
French: In Champagne terminology, off dry to rather sweet.

Denominacion de Origen Calificada

 de-nom-ee-nah-schione deh or-ee-gene cal-ee-fa-ka-dah
Spanish: A specific quality wine area; e.g. Rioja

Denomizazione di Origine Controllata e Garanita

 de-nom-ee-nah-schione dee or-ee-gene eh gar-ran-tee-ah
Italian: A specific quality wine area; e.g. Chianti

Dom Pérignon

 dom pair-eeng-yon
Moët & Chandon's Prestige Cuvée, named after famous French monk who pioneered the creation of Champagne in 17th century.


Dosage is the mixture of wine and sugar added to the wine and is one of the final steps in the Champagne making process. Traditionally measured in grams per liter.