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 oh de vee
French expression meaning "water of life". When distilling a fruit-based spirit, the clear, colorless fruit brandy is known as eaux-de-vie.

Echelle des crus

 eh-shell day crew
In Champagne, system by which grape crops are ranked and priced based on harvest quality and where they are grown.

Entre Deux Mers

 en-tra deh mair
Winegrowing region just east of Bordeaux, France.


One of two "capital" cities in France's Champagne region, the other being the town of Reims.


After Reims, Èpernay is the other major population center in the Champagne region. Located in the Marne department it is home to many Champagne houses, including Moët & Chandon.


"étoile" French. Translates as "star". Also the brand name of the premium sparkling wine from Chandon in Napa, California.