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Nectar D'Or

 neck-tar dore
A captivating single malt whisky with a tremendous 'gourmand' appeal, The Nectar D'Or is Glenmorangie's delicious, complex base spirit that, after a minimum of 10 years in ex-bourbon casks, is then extra matured in specially hand selected Sauternes wine barriques.

Nectar Impérial

 neck-tar am-pear-ri-al
Moët & Chandon's line of demi-sec Champagne.

Negociant Manipulant

 nay-ghos-see-an maa-nip-u-lan
A Champagne House that buys grapes to make its Champagnes.


The Numanthia estate is situated at Valdefinjas, a small village in the Zamora province. Numanthia was founded in 1998 by the Eguren familly, native of Rioja, in order to create the best wine of the Toro appellation.