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The juice from the second pressing of the grapes. Considered to be of a lesser quality.


The village where the Glenmorangie distillery is located in the Highlands of Scotland.


 ten lair-mi-taj
Highly sought-after wines from this Rhone Valley village.


Spain's most famous noble red grape, employed in Rioja most notably.


The award winning Termanthia from Numanthia is the ultimate expression of the best of vineyard plots in Toro with vines that over 120 years old and at an altitude of 800 meters.


From Numanthia, Termes shows Toro's quintessential fruit: Ripe but fresh, with velvety texture and lively structure, this wine leaves a general impression of balance and elegance.

Terrazas de los Andes

 tear-ra-zas de lohs anne-dez
World-famous winery in Argentina's Mendoze region, in MH USA portfolio.

Terret Noir

 tear-ray nu-ar
Noble grape variety grown in France's Rhone Valley.

Teso los Carriles

 Ta-so Los Car-ree-less
One of the exceptional Numanthia plots of 12 acres in Argujillo with vines over 120 years old; the vineyard’s name in rough translation is "Road on the Hill". This is where the grapes for the Termanthia wine are grown.

Tete de Cuvée

 tet de coo-vay
French: Top of the line bottling from Champagne House or winery.

Tête de Cuvée

 tet da cue-vay
(AKA Prestige Cuvée) - The highest quality wine a producer makes


 tool sir marn
A Grand Cru village in the Vallee de la Marne subregion of Champagne east of Epernay.


French: a variety of oak, used in barrel making.